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Total Lawncare Service

Here at Sherwood Park Landscaping Company we offer a range of services to meet your lawn care and landscaping needs. Below are just a few of our most popular options in the community of Strathcona County. Please reach out to us to learn more about our services and to find out other ways that we can help you transform your property!

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Reel Mowing

Using top the line Allett Reel Mower's you can expect a superior finish to your lawn. With Allett's Reel Mower we have the added ability to manage the length of your grass, ensuring clear lines and a consitent cut across your whole lawn. In addition to the perfect finish, you will experience less noise and no gas smells in comparison to traditional mowers used by other companies. 



Verticutting uses vertical blades to remove thatch build up on your grass. Removing the layer of thatch allows the grass to breath and absorb more nutrients. Verticutting can significantly improve your lawns appearance, and growth. Verticutting also prepares your grass for overseeding, and fertilization.



For thick thatch, scarifying is the solution for your lawn. The process uses blades that cut deeper into the lawn removing the thatch that has built up. Similar to verticutting the goal of scarifying is to remove thatch, allowing your lawn to breath, absorb nutrients and improve growth. 


Slit Aeration

Slit aeration allows you to have your lawn aerated without the hassle of stepping on dried up clumps of dirt as you would with traditional aeration. Our specialized machines will cut a series of thin holes into the ground allowing for oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate below the surface, while also alleviating soil compaction. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We have never had an unsatisfied client! We will work with you to make sure we do things right the first time, and always look to provide professional services that exceed your expectations. 

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